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Volleyball Net Rule

USAV Rule for Net Contact Touching the top band of the net or top 80cm of the antenna during his/her action of playing the ball. Taking support from the net simultaneously with playing the ball. Creating an advantage over the opponent. Making actions which hinder an opponent's legitimate attempt to ...

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The court in beach volleyball looks much different, but when it comes to the net, it’s actually very similar. The height regulations are exactly the same as the indoor net. Most of the rules concerning the net are the same as indoor volleyball, so except for those listed below, assume the same rules as above. 21. Crossing Into Enemy Territory

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Notable Rules for Sitting Volleyball. In sitting volleyball, the net is about 3 feet high, and the court is 10 x 6 meters with a 2-meter attack line. The court is divided into two sides of 5m deep by 6m wide. The net height is set at a height of 1.15m for men, and 1.05m for women.

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Volleyball Net Regulations, Rules and Violations. Now, the main purpose of the net is obviously to provide a minimum height at which the ball must travel to make it to the opponent’s side. If the ball goes into or under the net, that’s it – point over. But that’s not the only rule that concerns the net in volleyball.


Volleyball is, however, unique amongst net games in insisting that the ball is in constant flight – a flying ball – and by allowing each team a degree of internal passing before the ball must be

Can the ball hit the net on a serve in volleyball?

The old net serve ruling. When the ball struck the net from a serve, then continued to land in-bounds, this was deemed a let service: Just like a let serve in tennis. This meant that the server would be allowed another attempt to serve the ball in the court, without penalty. Today’s interpretation.

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At The Net The ball must cross over the net within what is called the “crossing space”, which is the air space over the top of the... The ball may touch the net as it goes over, and may be played off the net as well. However, it may not touch the wires,... Players may not contact the net (the ...

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Ball on the side line is considered out, and reserving is done. A front row player can do the attack hit but a back row player can’t do so as mentioned in the main volleyball rules regulations. A back row player can’t do attack hit in front of the attack line until the ball is below the top of the net.