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Treble (association football) - Wikipedia

A treble in association football is achieved when a club team wins three trophies in a single season. A continental treble involves winning the club's national league competition, main national cup competition, and main continental trophy. A domestic treble involves winning three national competitions—normally the league title, the primary cup competition, and one secondary competition.

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What is the meaning of treble in football? - Quora

A treble is when a football club wins their country’s main league and cup competition, as well as the the primary continental competition in the same season. For example, Inter Milan won the Serie A, Coppa Italia and the UEFA Champions League during the 2009–10 season under Jose Mourinho.

Treble Definition - What Does Treble Mean?

In sports betting, a "treble" is a bet in which all three outcomes must be guessed correctly in order for the bet to win. You think that Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea are all going to win. The odds for all three teams winning are 1.70, 2.20 and 2.70, respectively.

TREBLE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

treble noun [C] (THREE WINS) [ usually singular ] UK (US triple) an occasion when a football club wins three major competitions in a single season: Bayern Munich's win over Stuttgart secured a historic treble: the Bundesliga, the European Cup and the German Cup. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

Treble | Definition of Treble by Merriam-Webster

adjective. Definition of treble (Entry 2 of 3) 1 a : relating to or having the range or part of a treble. b : high-pitched, shrill. c : of, relating to, or having the range of treble in sound recording and broadcasting treble frequencies. 2 a : having three parts or uses : threefold. b : triple in number or amount.

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A treble in association football is achieved when a club team wins three trophies in a single season. 16:46, 11 June 2021 (UTC) Footwiks, not really, because both Continental treble and Domestic treble are sourced and cover this topic, but we can easily find a standalone source for this one. Your info, on the other hand, is covered nowhere, so it must have sources of its own.

Which football teams have won the treble? | Goal.com

At its most basic, a treble in football occurs when a team wins three trophies. However, in order to be considered a genuine treble, they must be the 'right' trophies.

What is Shakespeare's meaning of childish treble? - Answers

Clef means the pitch of a note. Treble is the highest part of an instrument. So the treble clef, which is located on the second line of the staff, is used when playing high notes.

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Fowler distinguished between treble meaning that something had become three times as large in size, and triple meaning consisting of three parts, but that no longer seems a reliable guide, if it ever was.