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Urban Dictionary: soccer ball

A “Soccer Ball” is a type sports equipment used for playing soccer in which you kick the ball into your opponent’s goal to score a point.

Urban Dictionary: soccer

An old British nickname for Football, NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association Football.It was shortened to Assoc .,and then finally "Soccer". (like how the nickname for Rugby Football is " Rugger ".)The word is used in:Australia,United States,Canada,New Zealand,and South Africa.

Urban Dictionary: soccer

a game played world wide. there are 11 people on each team, trying to kick a ball into the goal they are facing and trying to stop the other team from kicking the ball into the goal behind them. there is a goalie for each team, and the goalie is the onlyone who can pick up the ball, provided they pick it up in the 18 yard box. when playing soccer: ~you cant wear any jewellery ~you cant touch the ball with any part of your arms unless ~you are the goalie and inside the 18 yard box ~you have ...

Urban Dictionary: football

A name of various sports All of them orginaly rooting from china but the first actually established football was played very much like american football except it had little to no rules and was played on a much bigger "field" in between villages Association football(soccer)- Very popular in UK and third world countries, widely played all around the world but not in north america for some reason, a sport played by kicking a ball with the goal being putting into a net(1).

Urban Dictionary: Soccer player

Guys who like to give each other excuses to be physical (without the padding) and kick each other in the balls. Also the sport where the entire team will light up a dubbe quick before a game. Also the sport where the entire team will light up a dubbe quick before a game.

Urban Dictionary: socca

Urban Dictionary: socca. Top definition. socca. sports. slang / short for soccer. yo sean, lets play some socca and elastico some faggots. #soccer #football #futbol #footy #fitba. by stef nikkawhat April 25, 2006. Get the socca neck gaiter and mug.

sportsball - Dictionary.com

Sportsball spread online in the 1990s and early 2000s, making Urban Dictionary by 2007. In 2009, filmmaker Peter Atencio took the concept literally in a humorous video called Sportsball! It showed office workers discussing some imaginary game of sportsball, an American and association football hybrid where everyone wins.

Ball | Definition of Ball by Merriam-Webster

2 a usually vulgar : testis. b balls plural. (1) often vulgar : nonsense —often used interjectionally. (2) often vulgar : nerve sense 3. 3 : a game in which a ball is thrown, kicked, or struck also : quality of play in such a game. 4 a : a pitch not swung at by the batter that fails to pass through the strike zone.

Soccer Lingo Glossary - Terms, Slang & Jargon From SportsLingo

This is a list of common soccer lingo and jargon terms. #. 4-4-2 Formation 50-50 Ball 6-Yard Box 18-Yard Box. A. Academy Added Time Armband Assist. B. Back-Heel Kick Back-Pass Rule Bend Bicycle Kick Box-To-Box Box-To-Box Midfielder Brace. C. Cap Chest Trap Clear Corner Kick Curva. D. Direct Free Kick Diving Dribble Dribbling Drop Kick. E. Equaliser Extra Time. F. F.C. False Nine First Touch