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There are bookies that offer SET handicap as well. So a -1.5 Set handicap simply means, the player should win the match 2 sets to 0 for a best of 3 set match. Example: if I have Federer to beat Del Potro with -1.5 sets handicap. At the end of the match I will apply -1.5 to Federers set score. Therefore if Federer wins 2-0, with the -1.5 sets handicap applied, he has won 0.5 sets to 0.

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Set handicap tennis betting means placing a wager on a certain player to win a game when a given handicap is applied. Seasoned bettors already know that handicapping is a process of subtracting some points from the favourites’ or adding some points to the underdogs’ final scores.

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Qiang Wang -1.5. Now, a set handicap bet on Gauff means that “Gauff won’t lose more than 2 sets in this game”. On the other hand, a set handicap bet on Wang means that “Wang will win more than 2 sets in this game”. Once again, note that you are betting on the set results, not the game result.

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With the moneyline set at 1.108 and 8.170, the Pinnacle traders set the main handicap for this match at +/-5. Apart from the main handicap, Pinnacle offered a number of plus and minus handicaps for the match, ranging from +/- 4 to +/- 6, allowing bettors to decide for themselves which handicap market offers the best value.

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Tennis Handicap Strategies Martingale. One of the most popular strategies, which actually guarantees you a profit is the Martingale’s. Martingale... In-play Tennis Handicap Betting. There are a lot of players who make literally thousands of money, just from betting on... Set goals. This is kinda ...

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Betting on the handicap is a popular betting format when a particular player in the match is a heavy favorite to win that particular set. The bookie will offer the handicap bet in order to counter the difference in the player's ability.

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The same goes for wagering on set handicap tennis, as you can find great value on handicapping either way to winning bets on set matches. If done correctly, this form of tennis betting can certainly be a very profitable one indeed. Make sure that you use your knowledge on the handicap market when betting on a tennis match.

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Betting Handicap Calculations: Total games: Marin Cilic: 2 Sets . Bradley Klhan: 0 Sets +1.5 Sets (Handicap Bet) = 1.5 Sets ----- Final score - 6-4; 4-6; 6-2 in favor of Marin Cilic: 2 - 1 in Sets . Marin Cilic Bet –1.5 ; The bet would be settled as a loser as Marin Cilic won 2 Sets and opponent Bradley Klahn won 1 Set. Betting Handicap Calculations: