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This volleyball passing drill instills a habitually athletic approach to passing by demanding the passer to be in an athletic stance throughout the drill. Drill Setup: Two players will be designated to toss the ball and stand facing each other about 12 feet apart.

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When passing in volleyball we always want to try and give a nice high loopy pass as this allows the setter time to get in position and decide which teammate they would like to set. A fantastic drill to help players get used to passing the ball high, loopy and towards a target is by peppering over the net.

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Totally, a passer has to touch the ball three times during this passing volleyball drill – when he/she receives a ball from a tosser 1, when he/she receives a ball from a tosser 2 and when he/she receives a ball from a tosser 3. That’s why the “Ladder Passing” drill is also known as “Three Touch Passing Drill”. Concentration Passing Drill

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Basket Passing Drill. The purpose of this volleyball drill is to improve forearm passing accuracy. This volleyball passing drill needs one server and three passers. The object of the drill is to use forearm passing skills to pass the volleyball into the basket at the target position. Line up 3 passers in serve receive.

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Volleyball Drills For Setters, Hitters, Liberos, Passers and Blockers. Volleyball drills are essential exercises in the learning process for players to improve your serving, hitting, passing, spiking, setting, blocking skills. Volleyball Drills For Passing Two Person Volleyball Drills For Passers. These 2 player volleyball drills for passing are warmup drills done at the beginning of practice and meant to prepare you to improve your serve receive skills.

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Have the group start in zone 1. First, a ball is thrown or hit overhand at the player, and they will pass to target. Immediately after that ball, a short ball is thrown up near the net, and the player must pass this ball also. Next, the player will run to the net and complete a “fake” block.

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Instructions. The drill starts with two lines of players in the middle back area of the court. The first player in each line starts on their stomach looking down at the ground. When the coach signals (a slap of the ball, whistle, etc) the players quickly get to their feet in ready position and calls ...

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Making a W and then a second W back to the starting position. This would give each player 9 passes. Coaches can insist that the players at least get "a hand" on the volleyball. At least touching it if a good pass is not able to be done. Use this drill with the overhand pass too. Coach can positon themself across the net from the players also.