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Tennis Scoring Rules: Origins of a Strange System | Time

Despite its complexity, the tennis scoring system has been stable since the Victorian period. The modern game of tennis traces back to a medieval game called jeu de paume, which began in 12th ...

Gavrilova explains the history of the scoring system | Tennis.com

15, 30, 40, game. Have you always wondered how this “strange” tennis scoring system came about? Well, according to Daria Gavrilova, there’s a straight-forward story behind it. “The most ...

Where Did Tennis Get Its Scoring System? | Mental Floss

The scoring system we use for tennis today was based on jeu de paume’s system, but the reason for that 15-30-40-Game scoring is still a little shaky. There are three possibilities. There are ...

Tennis scoring system - Wikipedia

Although this suggestion might sound attractive, the first reference to tennis scoring (as mentioned above) is in the 15th century, and at that time clocks measured only the hours (1 to 12). It was not until about 1690, when the more accurate pendulum escapement was invented, that clocks regularly had minute hands. So the concept of tennis scores originating from the clock face could not have come from medieval times.

What is the history of tennis' strange scoring system? - Quora

It is what historians believe to be true. In medieval times, tennis scores were kept on a clock. Since a player needed 4 points to win a game, the clock's circle was divided into 4 quarters, so the obvious way to keep score became 15-30-45-game (60 is never used). Then came the problem of the 'deuce'.

Tennis Scoring System Explained - peRFect Tennis

What about the origins of the tennis scoring system? Unfortunately, there is nothing clear cut on how the tennis scoring system began or developed over time. It's a mixture of hearsay, old wives tales and romantic theories. Some are more plausible than others, but there is no de facto origin of the scoring progression in tennis.

A brief history of tennis - Olympic News

The developments of this mediaeval sport, originally practised with bare hands, like the invention of the racket in the 16 th century and the special scoring system (15, 30, 40, game), led directly to tennis, including its name, from the French word “tenez!” (in the sense of “here it comes!”), which you said to your opponent as you were about to serve.

Tennis scoring, explained: A guide to understanding the rules ...

Tennis scoring was "originally" kept on clock faces, with hands being placed at 15, 30 and 45 minute marks to keep score. The 45-minute mark was dialed back to 40 to account for advantage ...